Wingz n’Tingz


Apart from juicy and tasty chicken wings and a very friendly (yet not pushy) attitude, Wingz n’Tingz features a cosy place to chill outside on an evening over some nice grilled meat and a Python beer in the middle of Rodney Bay Village, yet slightly detached from the vibrant night buzz. Combining fast food-style (and prices) with attentive and flexible customer service, the place is rather unique in the area.

Grilled ‘wingz’ come stirred with a delicious sauce – we can recommend honey barbecue, and if you are not too much into wings, you may also be able to get some juicy pork chops instead, so just in case you are not offered a speciality upon arrival, always ask what is available.

Wingz offer a really good value for money in terms of good food, friendliness and location. Luciagel recommends.

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