Waking up in the rainforest – at Ladera


Whereas Ladera is a lovely place to visit for lunch to get a magnificent view of Pitons, nothing beats spending the night there – and waking up (literally) in the middle of the rainforest. Outside, of course: Ladera’s three-wall concept means sleeping under the stars (yet still under the roof!).

But is that not a bit scary? Not really. High elevation renders mosquito threat virtually non-existent, whereas thick insect nets around your bed prevent too close encounters with a variety of rainforest moths  – some of them rather beautiful!

If you spend the night at Ladera, do not miss breakfast. Their French toast with banana mash was lovely but, if you have not done so yet at a St Lucian home, go for bakes & saltfish with cocoa tea, a proper Creole breakfast.

Properly tropical Sugar Beach, an amazing place to swim right between the Pitons, is accessible by a short shuttle ride.

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