Saint Lucia Jazz 2016 highlights on Luciagel

At the end of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2016 we provide an overview of some of the coolest performances and events that took place this at this year’s Saint Lucia jazz time of the year.

Arturo Tappin and Christ Standring at Jazz on the Beach: the atmosphere at the Windjammer Landing was unbeatable.  Arturo Tappin’s jazzy interpretation of the recent pop charts could instantly turn any pop fan completely new to jazz into a jazz lover. Still, some soca-style stuff he and his brilliant band offered at the very end made some ask for the end of all that jazz altogether! Chris Standring’s guitar jazz that followed, on the other hand, fully satisfied the expectations of true jazz fans. In what could compared to the Main Stage be called a rather intimate environment, guests were offered a superb Caribbean dinner from the stalls at very affordable rates. Windjammer Landing proved to be an excellent host!

Kassav’ on the Main Stage: stars from the French Caribbean threw and amazing party for both Saint L20160507_210849ucians and their French-speaking fans who followed them from other parts of the Caribbean. They have proven zouk truly might be the medicine that the world needs most!

Arts Village was not only a place to see some beautiful and original paintings and sculptures and enjoy some incredible flower art (wise and bold choice for a green island like St Lucia!) It was also20160504_172716 a proof that Saint Lucian artists are willing to make their very own and special contribution to the global art scene. “The Pallet Project” meant nothing less than building the Arts Village out of recycled or re-used pallets. The decision to do so was not only fresh,  beautiful and environmentally friendly but also socially sound at a time when many young people are let down by the society: it involved the wards of the Boys Training Center for boys at risk.

Chryc20160503_204904ee performed at three different occasions during Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, including at Jazz on the Grill at Fire Grill, Rodney Bay Village. Our recommendation based on what we heard: next year, put her on the main stage!


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