Gros Islet Fridays

IMAG0392 (2) After the quiet lent season and coinciding with the start of St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, downtown Gros Islet saw the revival of its Friday nights, with an enhanced Creole cultural programme and, as usual, plenty of music – not jazz music though!

Apart from chilling out with a bottle of Python, one important motive to go to Gros Islet night is to get some lovely local grilled chicken, some bakes etc. Now, not all the chicken you get in Gros Islet is great. Here are some tips:


1. Make sure we are talking grilled, not fried (and then warmed up).

2. Make sure it is straight from the grill. Buy from those vendors with a high frequency of guests (see photo). The green house by the main street is Luciagel’s preferred choice.

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