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Gobble Castries perfect place for lovely food in great ambience

Downtown Castries might not be the easiest place to get a variety of local and international food in one place. And if you do, you might still miss nice, modern ambience. Unless you come to Gobble Castries very special cafe and daytime restaurant.

Gobble offers delicious international and St Lucian food, with the focus on using local ingredients from local farmers. You will enjoy everything from rotis, green fig & saltfish and local soups to hamburgers, from local fruit flavoured cheesecakes to local fruit juices, all at affordable prices.

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Gobble also stands out in terms of ambience, which is contemporary and friendly. Plus they go the extra mile when it comes to sustainable business and going green, an area crucial for island states yet still largely neglected by the majority of Saint Lucian businesses. Gobble uses biodegradable packaging made of plants-based plastics. They are further looking to go fully solar in terms of energy generation and consumption.

Gobble is located just opposite La Place Carenage in the Casties downtown cruise port, outside the M&C plaza. You can email them to info@gobbleinc.com or call 45360300 to find out more about their menu. Or simply visit them on Facebook.

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