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Chef Orlando set for Soufriere Creole Jazz

Chef Orlando Satchell’s guests portfolio includes the likes of Michael J. Fox and former UK Prime Minister John Major.  Dubbed on TripAdvisor as ‘the shining star’ of St Lucia cuisine, his Soufriere-based Orlando’s Restaurant features not only fantastic food in a small, top quality-focused environment but also unique Saint Lucia experience under the Pitons.IMG_1404

Chef Orlando is all set for Soufriere Creole Jazz 2016, with the first purposely built restaurant elegantly locatedon the Soufriere mini stadium field boasting the best seats and view of all the entertainment shown at the Festival.FullSizeRender

You will be able to order a choice of a sumptuous three course menu and a glass of wine to enjoy the show.  It’s all about the experience of soufriere in this unique environment and taste of Orlando’s Caribbean cuisine.  Call 4896211.

Ferrands Cream N Bean Ice Cream Cafe

Good ice cream places are always welcome – especially in a hot place like St Lucia. If they also serve good coffee, it’s a full package. We are talking about Ferrands Cream N Bean Ice Cream Cafe.

The place is conveniently located at S&S Plaza along side Castries – Gros Islet highway at Bois d’Orange. They serve Saint Lucia’s most popular Ferrands Ice Cream, a selection of coffees and baguettes, and a variety of desserts and treats.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 19.05.50

They are proud of their great customer service and a relaxed atmosphere, their blend of premium ice cream and exquisite coffee. The location conveniently features plenty of space for parking, whereas Cream N Bean customers can enjoy free wi-fi.

You can contact them via email or telephone 758 458 4922 . They are also on and Instagram as @creamnbean

Dany’s healthy cashews and pawpaws

If you want to get some fresh and healthy cashews or a pawpaw (papaya, for non-St Lucians), you should see Dany Cotter whom you can regularly run into around Rodney Bay and the Marina.

Luciagel’s Angie Montoute, a radio personality, just happened to become one of his happy customers, impressed by his friendly attitude and, of course, his tasty and healthy cashews.
If you can’t find Dany but happen to be in the Rodney Bay area, you can reach him on this number: 7154142

Interview with Kerian Clery, grilled chicken Wingz’ passionate owner – St. Lucia


Check out the story about Kerian’s grilled chicken Wingz n’Tingz.

Can you tell us more about the concept of Wingz n’Tingz?

The concept came about by two amazing individuals Randall Hilaire and myself. We thought a wing  place was just missing in St. Lucia.  We wanted to also dine out in the area but the prices were a bit high to select a a tasty meal. I am the chef for the restaurant and thought the restaurant meals should be served as you placed your orders hot and fresh. We serve 15 flavors of wings honey barbecue, garlic parmesan, buffalo, spicy barbecue just to name a few. We serve grilled pork chops,  grilled chicken breast, grilled fish and baby back ribs. The best thing is we have 15 flavours of the grilled options on the menu as well. We  make fresh local juices throughout the day and have some amazing local side dishes such green banana salad, potato salad, and creole rice. If you don’t want anything heavy we have fries and seasoned potato wedges. The food is amazing and we use a variety of local herbs and spices which gives you the local taste of St. Lucia.

How do you differ from other restaurants?

We differ from the rest of the restaurants  because of the exotic taste and the freshness of our food. When you place your order we cook and you get a visual of us preparing the food for you. Its the first wing house in St Lucia. We opened in 2009 on New Year’s Eve.

What is your main special?

We specialise in 15 flavours of chicken wings, baby back ribs, grilled pork chops, grilled chicken breast, grilled fish (mahi-mahi or red snapper) and fresh local side dish: green banana salad, potato salad, creole rice and fresh garden salad.

What are your plans for the future?

Our future goal would be to remain consistent with our food production and customer care and enable our visitors to get a local taste of St Lucia at all times.

Where to get good coffee in St Lucia?


If you did not know, Saint Lucia is actually a coffee-growing country. However, it is not really an espresso paradise. We love Lucian cocoa tea, but it is not really a daily substitute for a nice cup of coffee. So where to get one if you desire it?

  1. Elena’s in the Rodney Bay Marina serves beautiful Lavazza espresso. Surprise surprise, the same place will also give you Italian ice cream and pizzas. Worth a visit!
  2. Gobble in Castries, just opposite the port duty free, serves nice espresso drinks together with local juices and proper Creole food. A lovely place with very reasonable prices!
  3. Rituals is the local version of Starbucks. The one next to the Cinema at Choc has nice milky espresso drinks, burgers, bagels and cakes.

Jounen Kweyol – Creole day


Creole day is about celebrating traditions and culture of St Lucia. And we would be lying if we said food built on two the best of the world’s cuisines is not one of the key components of these traditions and culture. A thing for St Lucians to be proud of.

A good way to spend Creole day is visiting the stalls around the island that sell all sorts of Creole food, from bakes and saltfish to coconut turnovers. However, nothing beats enjoying a Creole breakfast with hot bakes and cocoa tea at a Lucian home.

The taste of real Creole bread


You might think getting proper homemade Creole bread is an easy task in St Lucia. Not quite. However, if you don’t mind a little drive and when you add experience of seeing how it is actually made – it should not be too difficult. Trust us, it will be well worth the trip.

Take the road south from Castries, direction Vieux Fort. Pass Barre De L’Isle – as you will be descending from the mountain, you will find the Creole bread bakery on your left hand side – in Grande Riviere, Dennery.

Get plenty of oven-hot Creole bread rolls! Our pick: get one with cheese to eat immediately.



Boucan: the taste of St Lucia cocoa


Chocolate is a funny industry: although its key ingredient is produced in the tropical rainforests, it has been in the eyes of many associated with the Swiss Alps.

Thanks to the likes of Hotel Chocolat, that is beginning to change. Not just in its London upmarket chocolate shops but also in St Lucia: in Boucan, London chocolate maker’s Caribbean establishment, St Lucia cocoa gets the prominence it deserves.

Featuring magnificent view of the rainforest and the Pitons, St Lucia’s landmark peaks, Boucan restaurant offers full use of St Lucia cocoa pods. Whereas you might find cocoa pulp to be a slightly too unconventional ice cream flavour, St Lucia cocoa nibs ice cream is nothing short of being amazing.

Plus guaranteed the best chocolate lava cake you have ever had – pictured. Made of St Lucia cocoa.


Lucian Spice of India


Indian food can be a tricky business even when there are loads of competitors. In places like central London, one can easily associate it with tourist traps. So why assume it would be any better in St Lucia? Honestly, Luciagel does not know. But whatever prejudice you might have against eating Indian food in crowded, touristy areas, Spice of India at Rodney Bay Baywalk Mall will prove you wrong.

Established and run by chef Adil Sherwani, this might indeed be St Lucia’s best restaurant. Plus it matches the best Indian food we were recommended in London by members of its huge Indian community. Considering the mastery of some Lucian Creole chefs, including those who prefer cooking for their families instead of outside guests, Luciagel finds it sort of hard to admit that the best restaurant on the island might in fact be Indian.

But hey, let us not forget part-Indian roots of Creole cuisine itself. And let this be an incentive for Creole chefs to open a place that can match Spice of India.

A hint: the best curry, chicken lababdar, chef’s speciality, is not listed on the menu.

Good Lucian cocktails


Going to Reduit Beach (The Ramp) seem like the most obvious place to get a nice blended / frozen cocktail. As you approach the beach, you can make an immediate stop at Spinnakers. However, for a rather more sophisticated cocktail experience, you should head some 50 metres further north to reach Bay Gardens. They serve cocktails either at their beach bar or in their lovely courtyard, and their mango coladas are fantastic. Aim for the happy hour in order to get a really good value for your money.

Featuring torchlight and a wooden pier with a magnificent view, the ambience is even more appealing if you had further north to The Landings. Nevertheless, the cocktails are not considerably better compared to Bay Gardens, so you will need to decide whether the marvelous atmosphere is worth the extra buck.