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Makeba Alcide St Lucia personal trainer – and sports woman of the year

Makeba Alcide is personal trainer and former St Lucia national sports woman of the year who competes in the sport of track and field in the heptathlon.

Currently holds OECS and nation records in 60m/100m hurdles and heptathlon/pentathlon. I have represented St Lucia internationally and regionally. I have a bachelors degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science). So I work as a personal trainer and help athletes with injuries. When I’m not burning up the track , I’m at the WinnersTV studio where I co-host a show- Youth Sport Express where we highlight young up and coming talent of our island.
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Meet Nikita, the island’s Pilates girl – St. Lucia


Nikita Dosatile offers classical mat Pilates, specializing in realigning bones, fixing injuries and building total body strength along with improving flexibility.

What is your story? How did you become pilates instructor?

I’ve always been an athlete taking part in every sport there was at school even the ones i wasn’t very good at, and my first job as a fitness instructor and play maker suited my love for physical activity and my blithesome personality. It was there I met Niedra Gabriel, a second generation Pilates instructor from Joseph Pilates, who was the current Pilates and yoga instructor. It was in preparation for a fitness pageant that I realized that I was strong but also very inflexible, it was then that Niedra recommended taking her class. Since then I’ve fallen in love with Pilates. She realized that I had a particular knack for noticing alignment issues and presented me with the idea of teaching. Soon thereafter I underwent intensive one on one training with her completing the teacher’s training certification course from Mind 2 Body Studio. I have been certified since 2010 and have been operating as a Pilates instructor teaching at 5 star hotels, gyms, studio classes and home privates.

How popular is it in St Lucia?

Sadly not yet very popular. There are few instructors who work solely at specific hotels. I am presently the only freelance instructor and my goal is to increase its popularity. My vision is to soon open a major Pilates studio to provide full equipment classes, including the use of reformers and benches.

Why should people do pilates?

It improves posture, enhances balance, reduces aches and stiffness, increases flexibility and creates a longer, leaner, more toned body.

The Face of Luciagel Rocheal presents herself and asks you to do the same: click Get featured!

Nineteen (19) year old Rocheal Philip may seem to be the average friendly teenager who enjoys music, dancing and the casual hangouts with friends, but there is so much more to this remarkable young lady. With a larger-than-life personality sketched with bright coloured crayons, she emits love, thoughtfulness and strength.

During her years at the Choiseul Secondary School, Rocheal engaged in poetry and drama, but it was sports that held her heart. She represented her school in Track & Field and Netball and through this exposure to inter-secondary school athletics, Rocheal experienced first-hand the benefits of physical activity. Year after year her love for sports grew, birthing an undeniable passion for fitness.

Not one to shy away from new challenges, Rocheal dabbled in modelling with Nicholas Modelling Fashion Agency (NMFA) and fire dancing with the Saint Lucia Local Fire Dancers. Though she enjoyed the experiences and welcomed, with open arms, all the challenges each brought before her, it was fitness training she wholeheartedly longed for. Soon her time came and her wish was granted.

Following her successful CXC studies, Rocheal went on to pursue personal training in England in 2014. She joined the Whitely Onform Personal Training fitness club where her programme extended to include boxing as well as track & field. This intense bootcamp was hosted by soldiers of the British Army who were pleasantly surprised at the determination this young lady possessed. She was endowed with an unwavering zeal to succeed and to push beyond all limits. Rocheal’s fortitude brought her great recognition among her fellow trainees and trainers, so much so that she became the “face of London exercising” when she was placed on the cover of OP DETOX fitness e-book.

Upon her return to St. Lucia in 2016, with all her fitness training and accomplishments in England, Rocheal had her eyes set on a new target – Bodybuilding. On August 27th, 2016, after only a month of preparation, she represented the Sidonie Brothers Gym at the St. Lucia Amateur Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (SLABBFA) competition in the Bikini Body category. Although placing fourth in the competition, Rocheal was not disheartened. If anything, she was more determined for she saw this loss as a wakeup call to work harder, to push further and to be more focused than ever. She has decided to participate again in 2017 but in the Women’s Physique category – a more competitive class.

With an attitude of gratitude and a spirit of optimism, Rocheal Philip epitomises ambition, passion and strong will. A powerful individual who swears by the phrase “I’m a big deal,” Rocheal is adamant that the most important thing a girl wears is her confidence.