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Allen Cherry- Book Your Shoot!

My name is allen Chery and I’m currently a photographer at sandals grande. My journey in photography began in 2012, I was in need of a job after being unemployed for a long time. As time went by, using my time to polish on my skill as a photographer at sandals I saved up enough money to get my own camera. I’ve shot a few event sis as omg fest, denmin & diamond and imperial. I’ve also shot a few model shoots as well as engagement, maternity, family and also weddings. My goal is to continue to grow in the art of photography.
With every photo taken…. you feel like you’ve been apart of that moment.

Dylan Dave Thomas – Focused And Headstrong

Dylan Dave Thomas, a young man with ambition and undeniable passion for music, has embarked on a musical journey with every intention to succeed at every task placed before him.

From the tender age of nine, Dylan’s eyes were fixated on the music industry and it was then that his love affair with percussion instruments began to bloom.  His journey started at the Saint Lucia School of Music where he majored in percussion, more specifically the drums, but has learned to play a myriad of instruments along the way. With a burning desire to learn and to gain experience in performing and arranging music, he formed ‘Impulse’ – a band comprising his fellow secondary schoolmates at Saint Mary’s College.

Realising that nothing worth having comes easy, Dylan worked tirelessly at his skills and personal development to arm himself with the tools needed to succeed and was hugely rewarded for his efforts. From the early onset, Dylan received various awards from the Saint Lucia School of Music in ‘Percussion Studies’ which afforded him the opportunity to travel to South America to partake in a music festival, play along some of the biggest names in St. Lucian Soca and tour the United States of America with the band Caribbean Groove.  Being a member of three bands – Black Antz Band, Dynamix and a Jazz Band Ensemble – does come with a hectic schedule, but despite this Dylan found the time to work with Grammy Award Nominee ‘TWEET’ and Ms. Kameelah Williams known as ‘Meelah’ from the group 702 when his expertise were requested.

Regardless of evanescent bumps along his path to success, Mr. Thomas has learned to keep focused and head strong, to disregard distractions and to keep his eyes on the prize. At the top of his list is the development of self and skill, and the love and appreciation of and for friends and family. As he strives to be the best definition of a ‘True Saint Lucian,’ Dylan Thomas leaves us with these words:

“I know first-hand how difficult it is to get into and to survive in the music industry, but once you possess a passion and a dream there is nothing that can set you back permanently. Just believe in yourself and as I always say NEVER LOSE FOCUS”.

FaceBook- Dylan Thomas
Instagram- dylan_ddt

Micheal robinson- so full of vibes!

A young man of undeniable talent and charm, Michael Robinson has his eyes set on becoming one of the greatest vocalists that the Caribbean has ever produced. Born into a family of musicians, Michael developed a love for music and effortlessly found his voice in more ways than one. At an early age he discovered his passion and talent to match and so began his journey to stardom.

Michael started performing as a backup singer at his family church, Streams of Power Ministries on Waterworks Road, Castries, St. Lucia. His spiritual background and strong family ties have molded him into a gentleman beaming with humility and gratitude which keep him grounded along his journey.

In 2007 he was pushed out of his comfort zone to open for gospel sensation Mary Mary at GosFest. The voice was now in great demand and he soon began serenading at pageants, performing at weddings and competing at Youth Fest where he emerged victorious. Michael’s career began taking shape in 2011 when he started working with notable St. Lucian producers to professionally record his music. The result was Michael receiving his due recognition for his star quality crooning. Local radio stations included his music on their playlists with each song landing a spot in the top 3 amongst locally produced music on countdowns.

Michael continued to expand his repertoire, producing more original music. He spent the second half of 2013 creating and releasing four hit songs; ‘Caribbean Way’, ‘Who Feels It Knows It’- tribute to slain friend, Chereece Benoit, ‘Island Love’ featuring St. Lucian beauty and songstress, Aiasha, and a cover of ‘The Christmas Song’. The genres range from pop to R&B and each nabbed the number one spot on local charts.

In 2014, Michael continued to satisfy his fans with a cover of John Legend’s ‘All of Me’, the release of ‘Frenzy’ which was number one on local charts, and his first groovy dance-hall hit ‘Make You Mine.’ Also in 2014, one year after performing backup on the main stage, Michael performed at various Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival events as a lead vocalist, with his very own main stage Jazz performance, backed up by two musical icons, Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson and Barbara Cadet. November of that same year, he was fortunate to share the stage and perform with Jamaican sensation, Tanya Stephens at OMG Fest and had the pleasure of serenading the Queen of Bacchanal, Destra Garcia for her birthday. Up to this day, Michael has collaborated with fellow St. Lucian entertainers, and has proven he is not afraid to experiment with musical genres as he was crowed favorite and got a tremendous reception every time he took the stage with soca artist and DJ Sirlancealot for performances of their popular 2015 Groovy track “Hooray” during St. Lucia Carnival. The people desired more from Michael, so he opened up 2016 with his 3 rd release off his up-coming album called “Living life” which has created a resounding buzz throughout the island & region. In April, Michael featured Grenadian artist “Mr.Killa” on his 4th release off his project. Of course, with the Saint Lucia Festival around the corner, Michael Robinson was in high demand. In May of 2016, Michael was ready to set the stage at the Opening of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival headlined by dancehall artist from Jamaica, Mavado . He was also awarded his time to shine and spread his feel good music at Pigeon Island Landmark, where he performed before the last act of the evening, Kassav. When you thought performing at two of the biggest stages at the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival was enough, the sensational singer took his amazing energy to Fire Grill Jazz, Tapas On The Bay & Tea Time Jazz .

We can expect so much more from this rising star in years to come. He has been featured in local and regional media and performed regionally at the Barbados ‘Cooler Jazz’ launch. The word has surely gotten out about Michael Robinson and this is only the beginning. Michael continues tirelessly to put in the work and is currently working on a music video for his unreleased single off his upcoming Album called “SHADES” This project which feature local, regional and international artistes, to be released soon

Michael is intent on making music that inspires others and makes them feel good. If you asked him he would tell you he is human being first; one who feels what others feel and can identify with their moments of joy, sorrow, heartbreak and triumph. He believes in his dreams and that of others, as is reflected in his work with a local charity named Our Future.

With a voice that soothes and music that grooves, Michael Robinson is certainly the artiste to watch. MR. Music has arrived…

Twitter and Instagram : Officialmrmusic                                            Snapchat : Mrmusic758                                                                                                    FaceBook : Micheal Robinson SLU



Kiz is here to make you a believer !

Kyle Warrell, professionally known as Kiz, began his musical journey in early 2013, writing music, recording demos as KDUBB and covering other popular music. Deciding to journey further, Kiz has stepped forward with his songwriting and singing capabilities and is now ready to release sure-fire music from his own original collection. With a goal to show just how diverse Saint Lucian music really is, Kiz is here to make you a believer.

Having performed in the earlier part of 2016 during the Saint Lucia Jazz And Arts Festival, and, armed with a fiery catalogue of self-written music, Kiz is set to release two brand new singles in early 2017 entitled “Foreplay” and his first ever Soca single “Fire Waist.”

This young and extremely talented singer, songwriter and performer promises a lot more music in the future!

To coonect with Kiz, follow him @Kizmusic758 on all social media platforms (FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter)

Meet His Majesty – Arthur Allain


Mr. Elijah “Arthur” Allain, two time Groovy Monarch of St. Lucia as well as Lead Vocalist and band-leader of the band EvaLucian, and school teacher, is without doubt an exemplary youthful figure in St. Lucia.

Arthur’s professional music career stretches back to early 2008, which birthed his introduction to live band performances with the Matrix band. He continued to develop his craft over the years and in September of 2013, Arthur alongside two of his former students at Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School founded the now popular EvaLucian band. The band has served as acts on major shows such as Youthfest 2013, the 2014 SLAM concert, St. Lucia Jazz & Arts festival Opening 2014 & 2015, Soufriere Jazz, Jazz at Baywalk, Teatime Jazz, S.O.S., Rev Up with Burning Flames, amongst many others.

Arthur achieved his first major musical accolade in 2013, when he stunned all in attendance with a memorable performance of his hit song “Jumping Alone” which obtained him the 2nd place prize in the Groovy Monarch competition, after only his second attempt at the title. St. Lucia Carnival 2014, saw Arthur’s career reach its pinnacle, when he was able to capture the coveted title of Groovy Monarch 2014 with his self-produced and co-written track “Numb. Arthur repeated the feat of capturing the Groovy Monarch title again in 2015 with the song “Who I am #WestIndian”, a song paying homage to all Caribbean people. The song was accompanied by an official music video as well as a lyric video. In 2016, Arthur created history by becoming the first artiste to win the coveted title for a third consecutive time, with the song “Dat Beat”.

Arthur has served as an opening act for international artistes such as Machel Montano, Jah Cure, Munga, The O’Jays, Kassav and R. Kelly. In May of 2013, Arthur also had the distinguished privilege of opening up the final day of the main stage St. Lucia Jazz festival, sharing the same stage as the legendary O’Jays and R&B sensation R. Kelly.

In his spare time Arthur loves to play the keyboard, bass and guitar, and write and produce music. A musically blessed son, his aspirations are to break the international barrier and produce captivating music that will catch the ears of listeners all over the world.

The 3 time groovy monarch can be contacted via his social media pages:
Instagram: @arthurlucian01
Twitter: @arthurlucian
Facebook: Arthur Allain

The Mecca – Making An Impact On Pop Culture

The Mecca’s unique sound incorporates strong EDM elements fused with a Hip-Hop approach and pop vocal tones all wrapped beautifully with his Caribbean influences. He brings captivating music for the 21st century, with the ability to inspire and the power to get anyone grooving on any dancefloor! Merging solid lyrical artistry with a deep well of emotion and determination, he has surfaced as an astounding musical force.

Formerly known as Young Mecca, he currently celebrates two decades in the music industry with nearly 200 songs either released or written/co-written. In 2009 he became the first ever YouthStar in Saint Lucia, immerging winner of the island’s YouthFest competition and then walked away with The People’s Choice Award at the Undaground Music Awards in Bermuda the following year and in 2011 he boasted a stunning 73 track releases, 4 mixtapes and 6 music videos.

To add to his list of accomplishments, this exceptionally talented lyricist had his single ZOOM ZOOM prominently featured in episodes of VH1’s Single Ladies, ABC Family’s Chasing Life, Fox’s Red Band Society and Netflix’s Fuller House while his single FLAT STOMACH was the premiere single at the 2014 Labo Ethnik Fashion & Lifestyle week in Paris. 2015 continued to build on the progress of previous years . The Mecca executed a promotional tour of the United States, enthralling audiences with his electric sound and animated performances.

The Mecca’s newest release, Number One Hit, is an enthralling mix of adrenaline pumping bass, explosive synths and pop culture references and features 3 time Groovy Soca monarch Arthur Allain.

More information on The Mecca can be found on his website He is also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @meccamusic

100 Thousand Poets for Change Saint Lucia

We ran into Saint Lucian poet Kensley Charlemagne at Baywalk Mall. He was kind enough to share with us not only his poetry but also his plan to organise 100 Thousand Poets for Change Saint Lucia event.

Kensley Charlemagne writes beautiful poetry and he seems to have poems on stock for just any soul.  You do not have to be a poetry fan to enjoy reading them – they are gentle yet straightforward and to the point.

Poet Kensley Charlemagne is organising 100 Thousand Poets for Change Saint Lucia event

He has now embarked on an ambitious journey to participate in 100 Thousand Poets for Change by organising  Saint Lucia event of this global demonstration/celebration of poetry to promote serious social, environmental, and political change.

On September 24, 2016 poets, musicians and artists around the world will be organising poetry readings, music and dance performances focused on issues of peace, justice, and sustainability. The event will offer an opportunity for a peaceful global discussion on issues such as war, global warming, poverty, racism, gender inequality, homelessness, gun violence, police brutality, lack of affordable medical care, censorship, and animal cruelty. Individual organisers are free to choose the specific topic and focus of their local event. Kensley wisely chose the topic of RAPE, sadly all too common gruesome act in beautiful Saint Lucia.

If you are interested in participating please email Kensley at or check out Facebook page for the event that will take place Keebees in Rodney Bay village.

Homemakers St Lucia full housekeeping service

Homemakers is a professional housekeeping and hospitality service in St Lucia. As part of their portfolio of services, they offer House Cleaning, Laundry and Ironing, Home-cooking, Upholstery Cleaning, Yard care, House Moving Services, Post Construction and Industrial Cleaning, Home/Room Staging, Minor Home Repairs (Plumbing and Electrical works).

First established in 2006, Homemakers Inc. provides high quality housekeeping and hospitality services, administered by trained housekeeping and hospitality staff. Their core market has been individuals of high net worth, expats and business persons, market segments that have a great demand for, and best understands the value of, quality and professional service.

They place great emphasis on customer service and customer service training, understanding that culturally St. Lucians are mostly casual in their business style. They do, however, aim to be set apart from this cultural trend by practicing a more international standard of service delivery. According to Mineva Ross, Homemakers inculcate in their staff the value of strong work ethics, honesty, integrity, teamwork, sense of responsibility and quality amongst other things.

Homemakers can be found at #18 Reduit Park, Rodney Bay. They can be contacted via email or telephone 1758 458 4663. You can also learn more about them at their website

Need a broadcast engineer in St Lucia?

Finding specialised IT people in St Lucia can sometimes be challenging and the area of broadcasting is no exception. But we may have good news for you if you require a broadcast engineer in Saint Lucia

Eli Louis may just be the person that you need. Experienced in IT, Eli Louis can help you with customer system diagnosis, system design and repair.

Due to the area and degree of specialisation, Eli Louis has worked as broadcast engineer with all the major radio stations in Saint Lucia.

So where to find your broadcast engineer in St Lucia when you need one? Eli Louis is based in Babonneau. Email to or call  4876880.

Chrycee, soul sensation at Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival

Unique. Passionate. Soulful. Real. That is how Chrycee describes herself – and we could not agree more.  

A mesmerising performer, already hard enough to miss in any crowd for her signature bright red hairstyle, she is characterised by emotive voice and heartfelt real lyrics.  A self-professed Beautiful Dreamer, Chrycee captivates audiences with her vivacious personality and her distinctively chic style, as she immerses her listeners in a spellbinding musical memoir. 

Her appearances to date include Tobago Jazz Experience. Monroe College ReggaeFest (New Rochelle, New York), Cafe 4212 (Houston Texas), Ginger Bay Cafe (Florida), Tea Time Jazz (St Lucia) and, of course, Jazz on the Grill as part of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival.

This year, she returns to Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival -with three performances:

Blue Coral Jazz – Thursday April 28th at 12pm

Jazz on the Grill – Tuesday May 3rd from 7pm

Hot Couture – Wednesday May 4th

Just in case you miss her, follow her future career in Music & Performing Arts category or her own website.