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Shakiner Shakes Johnny St Lucian poet

Shakes, a self-proclaimed poet, writes at any spur of inspiration. Her pieces intertwine a figurative language with the realities of today’s society to present a unique touch to her listeners.

She has performed at the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, her district’s Earth Day celebrations, various restaurants and many community activities.

She can be found on:
Facebook: Shekinah Shakes Johnny
Instagram: _5hak35
Cell #: 1(758)485-4496

Shem Meluce Saint Lucia gospel artist

Shem Meluce blends smooth vocals with conscious lyrics to produce a unique style of gospel music. His message is one of redemption, highlighting both social and spiritual issues that affect today’s generation. It is one that expresses his passion for the people and spreading the good news as it motivates, comforts and encourages faith in God. His sound; timeless, skillfully weaving vibrato with melodic falsettos backed by Reggae and Zouk rhythms.

Shem Meluce has performed in many countries around the world including Africa, USA and UK.

He can be found on Facebook and YouTube.



My WhatsApp # is 7585200799, my email address;, I am a groovy soca singer/songwritter mainly and I have been featured at the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival last year but i’ve also done Dancehall, Kuduro and Power Soca procutions. I can be found on most social media outlets including Facebook @EljayMuzik, Instagram @eljaymuzik_758, Soundcloud @eljaymuzik, Youtube @Eljay Muzik, SnapChat @Eljay_Muzik

EJ Saint Lucia Radio Announcer

Earning a certificate for completing studies in a professional announcer training course, EJ considers himself “fresh blood” coming in the radio arena. He also has a keen interest in being a DJ (Disc Jockey) which he looks forward to pursuing in the near future. With his intentions of bringing a different style and versatility to the industry, he strives in being one of the best in his craft.EJ is on the airwaves every Mon-Fri 2pm-6pm and on Saturdays 10am-2pm at Vybe Radio.
Instagram: @__ej59__
Facebook: Ej Paul

Meet Nikita, the island’s Pilates girl – St. Lucia


Nikita Dosatile offers classical mat Pilates, specializing in realigning bones, fixing injuries and building total body strength along with improving flexibility.

What is your story? How did you become pilates instructor?

I’ve always been an athlete taking part in every sport there was at school even the ones i wasn’t very good at, and my first job as a fitness instructor and play maker suited my love for physical activity and my blithesome personality. It was there I met Niedra Gabriel, a second generation Pilates instructor from Joseph Pilates, who was the current Pilates and yoga instructor. It was in preparation for a fitness pageant that I realized that I was strong but also very inflexible, it was then that Niedra recommended taking her class. Since then I’ve fallen in love with Pilates. She realized that I had a particular knack for noticing alignment issues and presented me with the idea of teaching. Soon thereafter I underwent intensive one on one training with her completing the teacher’s training certification course from Mind 2 Body Studio. I have been certified since 2010 and have been operating as a Pilates instructor teaching at 5 star hotels, gyms, studio classes and home privates.

How popular is it in St Lucia?

Sadly not yet very popular. There are few instructors who work solely at specific hotels. I am presently the only freelance instructor and my goal is to increase its popularity. My vision is to soon open a major Pilates studio to provide full equipment classes, including the use of reformers and benches.

Why should people do pilates?

It improves posture, enhances balance, reduces aches and stiffness, increases flexibility and creates a longer, leaner, more toned body.

Marie Claire Frederick Saint Lucia model impressive career

Before starting her full-time modelling business, American-St Lucian model Marie Claire Frederick engaged in a number of exciting corporate professional careers. Ultimately, her entrepreneurial spirit prevailed – and Luciagel is happy to feature her as a self-made businesswoman.

Born in the US, she spent her childhood in New Village, Castries. She attended the Anglican School and spent her summers in Dennery.

Marie Claire’s list of careers is a long one.

marie claire frederick st lucia model saint lucia model
Marie Claire Frederick Photo by: Jeff Tollefson

Her original background is in PR and Journalism. She wrote press releases on behalf of Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, for recipients of the Points of Light award.  She further worked as paralegal, dealing with foreclosures and workers’ compensation, and can still act as notary public! She also worked on immigration cases and is a keen sportswoman, including being a former gymnast.

marie claire frederick st lucia model saint lucia model
Marie Claire Frederick Photo by: Amanda Pratt

She recognises moving from the corporate world to her own modelling business entailed tradeoffs, such as being prepared to accept lower pay in the short run. But since she describes fashion as her passion, the choice was obvious. Now she manages her own career and markets herself via social media and other channels.

marie claire frederick saint lucia model st lucia model
Marie Claire Frederick Photo by: Jepha

Her modelling talent clearly made her choice easier. She prides herself with looking great in various outfits, from bridal to sportswear. Her work speaks for itself.

marie claire frederick saint lucia model st lucia model
Marie Claire Frederick Photo by: Allie Serrano

Cosmopolitan as her career may be, she is still proudly Saint Lucian and Caribbean: ‘My image was used in Unitransfer’s Haiti calendar. It holds special meaning as it couples my image with Creole language. One of my goals as a model is to work with companies that support my Caribbean cultural heritage, and the Unitransfer calendar image showcased that completely.’

marie claire frederick saint lucia model st lucia model
Marie Claire Frederick in Unitransfer calendar Photo by: Steven P. Widoff

She is always happy to visit Saint Lucia and is keen on working on improving her patois. She misses the connection with nature she feels when on the island, and hopes to return one day for to pursue business opportunities in St Lucia. Luciagel is happy to be able to make a tiny contribution to her endeavours.

marie claire frederick st luca model saint lucia model
Marie Claire Frederick in Castries

Scouting /Booking / Networking Contact:

Instagram: mariefrederick89

Cleopatra St Lucia recording artist

I am a recording/performing Artist and a Song Writer and sing in both English and Creole. I received an award in 2016 at the MMTS Talent search in the Bahamas for the category of “female soloist” and was also recognized for my writing ability.
My music is available on YouTube, sound cloud as well as my Facebook page. In the coming days it will be available for purchase on Itunes.

I can be found on social media;

Facebook- Cleopatra
Instagram- Cleopatra Jules
Twitter- Cleopatra