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St Lucia Poetry Slam at Keebees Sport Bar Thursday May 25th 7pm

Originally from the rural village of Choiseul, Stephen Alexander Dantes is the featured poet for the Ponm Damou Poetry Slam.

Hate him or love him, Stephen Dantes will be featured on the Ponm Damou Stage this May.

He is an author and spoken word artistes who has performed at several venues in the USA, Canada and Saint Lucia. Originally from the rural village of Choiseul, Stephen Alexander Dantes is the featured poet for the Ponm Damou Poetry Slam being held Thursday May 25at 7pm at Keebees Sport Bar and Grill, Rodney Bay . According to Dantes is a youth activists and is best known for his poems, ‘Fair Helen’, ‘Rude Boy Reality’, ‘The Land the People and the Bottle’, ‘Recreating History’, ‘Country Boys of Darban’, ‘Where I’m from there is No Freedom’, ‘What if Juliet Never Found Romeo’ and ‘Ode to Love’.

Stephen Dantes is the receipt of several awards including

· Most Outstanding Youth in Literary Arts 2012, Choiseul Youth and Sports Council
· Most Outstanding Youth in Literary Arts 2011 (Government of St. Lucia, National Youth Council)

The featured artiste is the author of over 10 titles including

· The Enchanting Excerpts
· The Last Enchantment
· Hindsight
· The love Doctor
· The Alter Ego
· Lucian Chronicles
· Silent Defeat Bitter Confrontation
· Soul mates | Confessions of a Stoic
· Letters to my Son

The event is free to the public and features a full spectrum of the arts. The stage is open to singers, musicians, artists, comedians, actors, dramatics and dancers.

This month a number of poets will be going head to head in three rounds of competition. The winner of the poetry Slam is reward with a prize from Phone Bay Inc.

Shakiner Shakes Johnny St Lucian poet

Shakes, a self-proclaimed poet, writes at any spur of inspiration. Her pieces intertwine a figurative language with the realities of today’s society to present a unique touch to her listeners.

She has performed at the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, her district’s Earth Day celebrations, various restaurants and many community activities.

She can be found on:
Facebook: Shekinah Shakes Johnny
Instagram: _5hak35
Cell #: 1(758)485-4496

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Raheem Barnes-Rhy So Fly Photograhy

Raheem Barnes is currently a Photographer at Sandals LaToc Regency. His interest in photography spiked back in 2010, where he wanted to keep memories of his last days at the Entrepot Secondary School. Raheem’s interest continued to grow as the years went by, He was borrowed a Casio Exilm camera, wasn’t top notch but it got the job done!

Raheem shot at a few events such as Aura, Leeboration, Mercury Beach and Model Shoots. He continues to better his craft by learning , watching and a lot of practice.



100 Thousand Poets for Change Saint Lucia

We ran into Saint Lucian poet Kensley Charlemagne at Baywalk Mall. He was kind enough to share with us not only his poetry but also his plan to organise 100 Thousand Poets for Change Saint Lucia event.

Kensley Charlemagne writes beautiful poetry and he seems to have poems on stock for just any soul.  You do not have to be a poetry fan to enjoy reading them – they are gentle yet straightforward and to the point.

Poet Kensley Charlemagne is organising 100 Thousand Poets for Change Saint Lucia event

He has now embarked on an ambitious journey to participate in 100 Thousand Poets for Change by organising  Saint Lucia event of this global demonstration/celebration of poetry to promote serious social, environmental, and political change.

On September 24, 2016 poets, musicians and artists around the world will be organising poetry readings, music and dance performances focused on issues of peace, justice, and sustainability. The event will offer an opportunity for a peaceful global discussion on issues such as war, global warming, poverty, racism, gender inequality, homelessness, gun violence, police brutality, lack of affordable medical care, censorship, and animal cruelty. Individual organisers are free to choose the specific topic and focus of their local event. Kensley wisely chose the topic of RAPE, sadly all too common gruesome act in beautiful Saint Lucia.

If you are interested in participating please email Kensley at or check out Facebook page for the event that will take place Keebees in Rodney Bay village.

Saint Lucia Jazz 2016 highlights on Luciagel

At the end of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2016 we provide an overview of some of the coolest performances and events that took place this at this year’s Saint Lucia jazz time of the year.

Arturo Tappin and Christ Standring at Jazz on the Beach: the atmosphere at the Windjammer Landing was unbeatable.  Arturo Tappin’s jazzy interpretation of the recent pop charts could instantly turn any pop fan completely new to jazz into a jazz lover. Still, some soca-style stuff he and his brilliant band offered at the very end made some ask for the end of all that jazz altogether! Chris Standring’s guitar jazz that followed, on the other hand, fully satisfied the expectations of true jazz fans. In what could compared to the Main Stage be called a rather intimate environment, guests were offered a superb Caribbean dinner from the stalls at very affordable rates. Windjammer Landing proved to be an excellent host!

Kassav’ on the Main Stage: stars from the French Caribbean threw and amazing party for both Saint L20160507_210849ucians and their French-speaking fans who followed them from other parts of the Caribbean. They have proven zouk truly might be the medicine that the world needs most!

Arts Village was not only a place to see some beautiful and original paintings and sculptures and enjoy some incredible flower art (wise and bold choice for a green island like St Lucia!) It was also20160504_172716 a proof that Saint Lucian artists are willing to make their very own and special contribution to the global art scene. “The Pallet Project” meant nothing less than building the Arts Village out of recycled or re-used pallets. The decision to do so was not only fresh,  beautiful and environmentally friendly but also socially sound at a time when many young people are let down by the society: it involved the wards of the Boys Training Center for boys at risk.

Chryc20160503_204904ee performed at three different occasions during Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, including at Jazz on the Grill at Fire Grill, Rodney Bay Village. Our recommendation based on what we heard: next year, put her on the main stage!


Luciagel tips how to enjoy Saint Lucia Jazz for free

Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival always transforms the island into one massive showcase of music (we rather don’t say ‘jazz’ because most of it is not all that much about jazz) and arts events. Although some of the key events, artists and atmosphere may be well worth the price, that might not be enough for everyone who is on a tight budget when it comes to cultural events or might simply want to get a glimpse of what is going on at no extra cost.

The good news is you are able to enjoy some interesting parts of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival absolutely for free. Here is where and when, from Castries to Rodney Bay:

  1. When in downtown Castries, check out Jazz on the Square and the Blue Coral Jazz, at the Derek Walcott Square and the Blue Coral Mall respectively. Performances on the Square start on 3rd and 4th May 11.30am.
  2. Visit the Arts Village at the Choc roundabout, a place that is meant to be an ‘open-access atelier where artists create, display, perform and engage’, from 2nd May noon to 4th May.
  3.  Mizik En Kweyol in Monchy on 3rd and 4th May 7pm – organisers advertise park+ride option from the Castries-Rodney Bay highway.
  4. Jazz on the Grill at Fire Grill in Rodney Bay Village, as always a lovely place for some music with a snack from the grill garden, on 3rd May with Chrycee,

The Three Tenors of Barbados at Coubaril


Coubaril Abbey of the Assumption, just south of Castries, easily accessible from the highway, is a special enough place by itself. Last Sunday, the stone-built church, which features a unique, jaw-dropping sea view from the inside, was the venue for the Christmas concert by The Three Tenors of Barbados.

The group of magnificent singers is a Caribbean version of the famous Three Tenors, but with a local flavour and sense of humour. With a careful selection of classical and modern pieces plus some Christmas evergreens, the Three Tenors of Barbados simply could not go wrong.

The audience who thoroughly enjoyed both the singing and the entertaining performance of the closing piece ‘O Sole Mio’ was after the concert invited to a tasty refreshments reception prepared by the tireless Benedictines.

Christmas preparations in St Lucia do not get much better than that!

Jounen Kweyol – Creole day


Creole day is about celebrating traditions and culture of St Lucia. And we would be lying if we said food built on two the best of the world’s cuisines is not one of the key components of these traditions and culture. A thing for St Lucians to be proud of.

A good way to spend Creole day is visiting the stalls around the island that sell all sorts of Creole food, from bakes and saltfish to coconut turnovers. However, nothing beats enjoying a Creole breakfast with hot bakes and cocoa tea at a Lucian home.