Dwight Florent- When Words Fail Music Speaks!

Dwight Kerry Florent Address- Grande Riviere/ Gros-Islet Telephone Number- 4841007/4503007 Email- Dwightos9000@hotmail.com

Dwight Florent, born July 24th 1998 has always had a deep passion for music. I grew up in church where I first started to play my first instrument drums at the tender age of 5. After about 6-7 years of playing drums as church I then decided to make a change to the bass guitar. I still felt deep down inside that it wasn’t the instrument for me, hence leading me to the guitar where I felt like home. I still tried my options by going on to the keyboard. I took classes at the St. Lucia School of music for keyboard but I still felt a deep passion for guitar. Even my piano teacher saw and felt it. After years of taking late online guitar lessons off YouTube and loosing hours of sleep, I was finally getting the hang of it. My friend then invited me to take part in a Jazz Improvisation master class at the St. Lucia School Of music. I was nervous but took part. After the Program The teacher then openly invited me to join the St. Lucia School Of Music Jazz Band called ‘Black Antz’. It was in this band I gained the opportunity to perform at the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, Travel to countries such as French Guiana, Venezuela, Martinique, Suriname etc. I took guitar classes at the school for a very short period of time when the school got a guitar teacher but I must say the a majority of what I play today was learnt off YouTube and self experience of coarse. My parents have been very supportive of my musical career I must say. My father realized my passion for it and was playing jazz music by the legends Norman Brown, George Benson, Foreplay etc. every morning on my way to school from the age of 8 to 15. It was like I was being programmed to learn it, which I did. Up to a day like today I can still sing every single lick that was played in the record. I have been playing guitar professionally for about 4 years. I’ve also started to develop a love for producing music as well which lead me to invest in my very own home studio that I dreamed about. So far I must say my musical journey has been a very exciting one, and I look forward to showing the world what Dwight Florent has to offer. Awards Throughout my many years of being a musician, my accomplishments have given me exposure and many opportunities to be featured on television networks, such as being a participant of the Young Leaders program on Choice TV, being featured on Island beats by the Visitors Channel, which occasionally uses samples of my original music on their program to help with the promotion of our island St.Lucia and also performing on HTS rising with my band ASAP. Moreover, the previous minister of health, wellness, human services and gender relations Alvina Renolds recognized my talent and awarded me during her “2015 Baboneau Youth of Excellence Awards” ceremony where I received the music award. I also gained the title of the best music practical student 2015 at the Corinth Secondary School and was awarded during my graduation ceremony. My music experiences have ventured from, performing at the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts festival’s various venues such as Baywalk Jazz, Soufriere Jazz, Marigot Jazz, Jazz on square, Side stage (stage 2) etc. for 3 consecutive years with many bands and artists such as Shayne Ross, The ASAP band, The St.Lucia School Of Music, Barbara Cadet, my band “Dynamix” and Kayo Guverra. I’ve also toured with artists such as Rob Zii Taylor to Barbados and with Chrycee Charlemagne to New York, Staten Island, Houston Texas and Atlanta for live shows and performances. Also I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Venezuela and French Guiana representing the St. Lucia School Of Music at live performances and music workshops. In addition, I was chosen to represent St. Lucia in Brazil at an international youth conference and workshop. Moreover, I was also the guitarist for the 2016 soca monarch competiton with the band extreme which backed up and played for every soca artist in the groovy and power soca segment. My playing has been heard on many popular local tracks such as “Dat Beat” by Arthur Allain, “Swim my way” by Ezra D’funmachine, “Neighbour” by Sedale and currently working on new music with Teddyson John and Yannick Plante (Minor Productionz)

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