Cocktails&Contacts for St Lucia business community

St Lucia’s probably only regular business community networking event Cocktails&Contacts is about to celebrate its second birthday. 

A brainchild of Shernell Lionel of RSVP Marketing, Cocktails&Contacts enable St Lucian business people of different profiles and trades to exchange contacts, experience and opportunities.

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Held at St Lucia Golf Club, the February event, sponsored by RBC and Peter&Company, again brought together a diverse crowd pursuing a variety of business activities, from local fruit juice making and HR expertise to shoe repairs and performing arts.  

Shernell kept us busy: Cocktails&Contacts participants were expected to discuss pressing issues concerning the business atmosphere in St Lucia. However, there was still enough time for networking – and some delicious nibbles.

3 thoughts on “Cocktails&Contacts for St Lucia business community”

  1. Can’t wait to be at next year’s event. The interactions are meaningful and the discussions are so thought provoking.

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