Chrycee, soul sensation at Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival

Unique. Passionate. Soulful. Real. That is how Chrycee describes herself – and we could not agree more.  

A mesmerising performer, already hard enough to miss in any crowd for her signature bright red hairstyle, she is characterised by emotive voice and heartfelt real lyrics.  A self-professed Beautiful Dreamer, Chrycee captivates audiences with her vivacious personality and her distinctively chic style, as she immerses her listeners in a spellbinding musical memoir. 

Her appearances to date include Tobago Jazz Experience. Monroe College ReggaeFest (New Rochelle, New York), Cafe 4212 (Houston Texas), Ginger Bay Cafe (Florida), Tea Time Jazz (St Lucia) and, of course, Jazz on the Grill as part of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival.

This year, she returns to Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival -with three performances:

Blue Coral Jazz – Thursday April 28th at 12pm

Jazz on the Grill – Tuesday May 3rd from 7pm

Hot Couture – Wednesday May 4th

Just in case you miss her, follow her future career in Music & Performing Arts category or her own website.  

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