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Tasha Lawrence- Tasty Treats

After realizing that gift ideas were limited in St. Lucia, Tasha Lawrence was encouraged by family and friends to start a small business named Tasha’s Tasty Treats which specializes in creating tasty, appealing and affordable treats for special occasions.Being a past Food & Nutrition student at the St. Joseph’s Convent Secondary School, she always had a passion for creating various desserts and was taught to always be creative when preparing them. Tasha’s Tasty Treats not only specializes in beautiful fruit bouquets, but also delicious cheesecakes, brownies, cookie arrangements, parfaits or anything tasty.

Her passion for being creative and also, the feedback received from her customers continue to drive the business in the right direction. She feels that she has made a difference in her customers’ lives by placing time, effort and emphasis in customizing their orders which seek to surpass their expectations.

Please like Tasha’s Tasty Treats on Facebook, and also follow tashas_tasty_treats_ on Instagram for more information about promotions and special offers!

Dylan Dave Thomas – Focused And Headstrong

Dylan Dave Thomas, a young man with ambition and undeniable passion for music, has embarked on a musical journey with every intention to succeed at every task placed before him.

From the tender age of nine, Dylan’s eyes were fixated on the music industry and it was then that his love affair with percussion instruments began to bloom.  His journey started at the Saint Lucia School of Music where he majored in percussion, more specifically the drums, but has learned to play a myriad of instruments along the way. With a burning desire to learn and to gain experience in performing and arranging music, he formed ‘Impulse’ – a band comprising his fellow secondary schoolmates at Saint Mary’s College.

Realising that nothing worth having comes easy, Dylan worked tirelessly at his skills and personal development to arm himself with the tools needed to succeed and was hugely rewarded for his efforts. From the early onset, Dylan received various awards from the Saint Lucia School of Music in ‘Percussion Studies’ which afforded him the opportunity to travel to South America to partake in a music festival, play along some of the biggest names in St. Lucian Soca and tour the United States of America with the band Caribbean Groove.  Being a member of three bands – Black Antz Band, Dynamix and a Jazz Band Ensemble – does come with a hectic schedule, but despite this Dylan found the time to work with Grammy Award Nominee ‘TWEET’ and Ms. Kameelah Williams known as ‘Meelah’ from the group 702 when his expertise were requested.

Regardless of evanescent bumps along his path to success, Mr. Thomas has learned to keep focused and head strong, to disregard distractions and to keep his eyes on the prize. At the top of his list is the development of self and skill, and the love and appreciation of and for friends and family. As he strives to be the best definition of a ‘True Saint Lucian,’ Dylan Thomas leaves us with these words:

“I know first-hand how difficult it is to get into and to survive in the music industry, but once you possess a passion and a dream there is nothing that can set you back permanently. Just believe in yourself and as I always say NEVER LOSE FOCUS”.

FaceBook- Dylan Thomas
Instagram- dylan_ddt

Raheem Barnes-Rhy So Fly Photograhy

Raheem Barnes is currently a Photographer at Sandals LaToc Regency. His interest in photography spiked back in 2010, where he wanted to keep memories of his last days at the Entrepot Secondary School. Raheem’s interest continued to grow as the years went by, He was borrowed a Casio Exilm camera, wasn’t top notch but it got the job done!

Raheem shot at a few events such as Aura, Leeboration, Mercury Beach and Model Shoots. He continues to better his craft by learning , watching and a lot of practice.



Andra Allen-Joseph – Life Isn’t Perfect, But With Andra… Your MakeUp Can be!

Meet Andra Allen-Joseph, the woman behind PLANET STILETTO BEAUTY. Andra’s journey to being a beautician is certainly an inspiring one. Her love for the arts however was always latent. She always had a passion for creating. It was latent. At first she did what her head told her was sensible. Later she could not ignore her passion calling to her. So she followed her heart.

She started off with a Bachelor’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry and held positions in the corporate sector for many years. Her father painted and sculpted in his free time and encouraged her love of color, drawing and painting. Her mother is an avid makeup lover and Andra always got into trouble playing in her makeup and high heels.

After many years in the corporate sector working to make other people’s dreams come true Andra decided it was time to chase her own. She took a chance and became a trained NOVALASH EXTENSIONIST. The chance paid off and she quickly became sought after for her skill in transforming a woman using the eyelash extensions.

The success of the extensions gave her the confidence to seek out formal training in makeup artistry. This too was successful and Andra has landed several jobs such as calendar, magazine cover, magazine editorial, bridal, corporate and party makeup. She is also a beauty writer for SHE CARIBBEAN magazine.

Andra Allen Joseph has since furthered her lash business and aspirations by becoming an Advanced Novalash Extensionist. It is her passion to create customized lash extension looks that  suit the client’s natural eyelashes, personality and lifestyle. The highest quality products are used and applied with the health of the natural lash foremost in mind and with a technique that gives a unique look to every client.

As a professionally trained Makeup Artist  she is dedicated to providing services that suit every occasion and client. As a published beauty writer, she prides herself in keeping up to date on the latest trends. Her portfolio shows versatility with respect to the type of makeup work done. She also loves to impart her knowledge to clients during one on one makeup teaching sessions.

Makeup Artistry and Eyelash Extensions are her vehicle, transporting her into a world of service. Andra’s ultimate satisfaction is the look on your face when you hold that mirror up .


Contact info

Gablewoods Mall,
Sunny Acres, Castries,
St. Lucia
Instagram: @planetstilettobeauty

Micheal robinson- so full of vibes!

A young man of undeniable talent and charm, Michael Robinson has his eyes set on becoming one of the greatest vocalists that the Caribbean has ever produced. Born into a family of musicians, Michael developed a love for music and effortlessly found his voice in more ways than one. At an early age he discovered his passion and talent to match and so began his journey to stardom.

Michael started performing as a backup singer at his family church, Streams of Power Ministries on Waterworks Road, Castries, St. Lucia. His spiritual background and strong family ties have molded him into a gentleman beaming with humility and gratitude which keep him grounded along his journey.

In 2007 he was pushed out of his comfort zone to open for gospel sensation Mary Mary at GosFest. The voice was now in great demand and he soon began serenading at pageants, performing at weddings and competing at Youth Fest where he emerged victorious. Michael’s career began taking shape in 2011 when he started working with notable St. Lucian producers to professionally record his music. The result was Michael receiving his due recognition for his star quality crooning. Local radio stations included his music on their playlists with each song landing a spot in the top 3 amongst locally produced music on countdowns.

Michael continued to expand his repertoire, producing more original music. He spent the second half of 2013 creating and releasing four hit songs; ‘Caribbean Way’, ‘Who Feels It Knows It’- tribute to slain friend, Chereece Benoit, ‘Island Love’ featuring St. Lucian beauty and songstress, Aiasha, and a cover of ‘The Christmas Song’. The genres range from pop to R&B and each nabbed the number one spot on local charts.

In 2014, Michael continued to satisfy his fans with a cover of John Legend’s ‘All of Me’, the release of ‘Frenzy’ which was number one on local charts, and his first groovy dance-hall hit ‘Make You Mine.’ Also in 2014, one year after performing backup on the main stage, Michael performed at various Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival events as a lead vocalist, with his very own main stage Jazz performance, backed up by two musical icons, Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson and Barbara Cadet. November of that same year, he was fortunate to share the stage and perform with Jamaican sensation, Tanya Stephens at OMG Fest and had the pleasure of serenading the Queen of Bacchanal, Destra Garcia for her birthday. Up to this day, Michael has collaborated with fellow St. Lucian entertainers, and has proven he is not afraid to experiment with musical genres as he was crowed favorite and got a tremendous reception every time he took the stage with soca artist and DJ Sirlancealot for performances of their popular 2015 Groovy track “Hooray” during St. Lucia Carnival. The people desired more from Michael, so he opened up 2016 with his 3 rd release off his up-coming album called “Living life” which has created a resounding buzz throughout the island & region. In April, Michael featured Grenadian artist “Mr.Killa” on his 4th release off his project. Of course, with the Saint Lucia Festival around the corner, Michael Robinson was in high demand. In May of 2016, Michael was ready to set the stage at the Opening of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival headlined by dancehall artist from Jamaica, Mavado . He was also awarded his time to shine and spread his feel good music at Pigeon Island Landmark, where he performed before the last act of the evening, Kassav. When you thought performing at two of the biggest stages at the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival was enough, the sensational singer took his amazing energy to Fire Grill Jazz, Tapas On The Bay & Tea Time Jazz .

We can expect so much more from this rising star in years to come. He has been featured in local and regional media and performed regionally at the Barbados ‘Cooler Jazz’ launch. The word has surely gotten out about Michael Robinson and this is only the beginning. Michael continues tirelessly to put in the work and is currently working on a music video for his unreleased single off his upcoming Album called “SHADES” This project which feature local, regional and international artistes, to be released soon

Michael is intent on making music that inspires others and makes them feel good. If you asked him he would tell you he is human being first; one who feels what others feel and can identify with their moments of joy, sorrow, heartbreak and triumph. He believes in his dreams and that of others, as is reflected in his work with a local charity named Our Future.

With a voice that soothes and music that grooves, Michael Robinson is certainly the artiste to watch. MR. Music has arrived…

Twitter and Instagram : Officialmrmusic                                            Snapchat : Mrmusic758                                                                                                    FaceBook : Micheal Robinson SLU



Sunset karaoke- be the star of the night!

Sunset Karaoke hosted by Dj Delroy, Is a crowd pleaser & the ultimate karaoke experience. Make your Bar, Party & Hotel lively, for karaoke creates an atmosphere that is conducive to a memorable time for everyone as they sing & dance to their favourite songs while sipping on fruit punches & Pina coladas

For reservations please call :758-713-2405

email: sunsetk sunsrret

Rio Mayne – Born to take over!

Rio was born Mario Stuart Marius in Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia but grew up in the capital city of Castries. He attended St. Mary’s College and then Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, and it was there that Rio was heavily inspired by musical artistes both on the mainstream and underground markets.

In 2009 he decided to publish his music onto the world wide web via Facebook. During that period he joined the multi-talented S.A.M The Family musical group which opened doors of success with the release of the group’s highly anticipated S.A.M Mixtape Volume 1.

In late 2011, in an effort to expand his fanbase, Rio took on another challenge – Video Production. He studied the artform, went through online tutorials and courses, and even scrutinized the work of those before him to surpass their current standing. His dedication to learning paid off and all his hard work gave birth to “Rio Mayne Visuals”, his own brand under which all his videos are marked.

It’s 2016 heading into 2017 and Rio Mayne has decided to really put his music inspired career in full motion. He will release 3 major projects in 2017 accompanied by videos and live performances.

He continues to develop as an artiste, where he wishes to break-through onto the mainstream market as well. Let not the entertainment work driven success fool you, Rio Mayne wishes to go back to school and even there he plans to takeover.

Connect with this goal driven artiste, videographer and all round individual on instagram and twitter @riomayne and

Kiz is here to make you a believer !

Kyle Warrell, professionally known as Kiz, began his musical journey in early 2013, writing music, recording demos as KDUBB and covering other popular music. Deciding to journey further, Kiz has stepped forward with his songwriting and singing capabilities and is now ready to release sure-fire music from his own original collection. With a goal to show just how diverse Saint Lucian music really is, Kiz is here to make you a believer.

Having performed in the earlier part of 2016 during the Saint Lucia Jazz And Arts Festival, and, armed with a fiery catalogue of self-written music, Kiz is set to release two brand new singles in early 2017 entitled “Foreplay” and his first ever Soca single “Fire Waist.”

This young and extremely talented singer, songwriter and performer promises a lot more music in the future!

To coonect with Kiz, follow him @Kizmusic758 on all social media platforms (FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter)

Standing On The Edge With The Diva

Claudia Edward is a Caribbean gem and a household name in St. Lucia and the Caribbean. She is most popular with the Asian continents, especially in Thailand where she does her annual jazz circuit. The artist has been performing on 3-7 month contracts in Asia for the past 4 years. Her popularity there has also gained her and her band a headlining spot on the stage of the Hainan International Jazz Festival in February 2017.

“On the Edge,” Claudia’s 4th studio album, was released in early 2016 and features eleven (11) beautifully crafted alternative rock songs. To date, she has released six (6) singles off the album each with accompanying music videos. This new album demonstrates her growth as a writer, performer and overall musician and also showcases her diversity as a singer and entertainer.

Claudia, no stranger to the stage, was contracted as a main stage act at the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival in 2010 and continuously performs at various events during the festival every year. Proven to be one of St. Lucia’s premiere performers, Claudia Edward, among other Caribbean singers, was selected to represent the Caribbean at the London 2012 Olympics where she wowed audiences with her mesmerising performances, and, in 2013, she was the headlining act at the Jazz & Creole Festival in Dominica. She has also performed at venues in New York upon invitation from world renowned artist Freddie Jackson all while undertaking major roles in plays like that of Sir Derrick Walcott.

Claudia and her band “Naked Chords” have given unforgettable performances and have been well received at all events . We now await with baited breath for this beauty’s next showcase.

In the spirit of giving back to her country, Claudia established the “Edward4Education Charity Foundation” where she works with schools on the island to create a better teaching and learning environment for both students and teachers. To date, she has built a sick bay, learning centre, brought in a Shakespeare professional to conduct workshops on the island, and is presently working on a Theatre Arts Room for this year 2016-2017.

Read up some more on this amazing and breathtakingly beautiful artist and her foundation on her website Her Album “On The Edge” is available on Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby and other major digital retail outlets.

Also, feel free to connect with her at the following social media links:
Facebook: Claudia the artist
Twitter: @claudiamusique
IG: @Claudia.tedward

Ankara Couture

Ankara Couture is an online store for African inspired fashion.

Ankara Couture provide the best selection of high quality African print fabrics that are colorful, unique and versatile directly frimg_20161121_170247om Africa. The fabrics feature various patterns and endless prints.

They also specialize in African accessories, at an affordable price.

With new designs and patterns introduced everyday, Ankara Couture always have a great selection of African fabrics and accessories to choose from.

Ankara Couture can be found on Facebook at Ankara C. St Lucia
Facebook page @ankaracouture
Instagram @ankaracouture

Contact Number +1(758)730-1658